Artificial Lives is a project that identifies a number of connected developments in the sciences, social sciences and the arts, in relation to the production of artificial life.

Advances in the fields of medical sciences and information technology have rendered new forms of material and virtual lives possible. The social sciences and arts are re-imagining what we understand by “life”, altering how the concept of life is visualised and represented.

In order to explore these ideas, we are holding a conference titled Artificial Lives: Imagining Life in late November 2017. The conference will be held at the University of Sussex, and is open to researchers from all disciplines. Read the Call for Papers here. We also plan to run a public event in November 2017, alongside Artificial Lives—details to follow.

Please email artificiallivesproject@gmail.com for further information.

Artificial Lives is led by Peter Boxall, with the help of Harriet Barratt, Byron James Heffer, Jessica Eve Oliver, Claire Quigley, and Kiron Ward, and funded by the University of Sussex. It emerges from Peter’s recent Leverhulme-funded project on prosthetics.